Heather is thrilled to offer classes at
The Space Between  in Eganville, Ontario! Thurssday evenings 5:15 - 6:15pm... the focus will be Kundalini yoga blended with hatha and yin yoga!  Come rediscover yourself on the mat... 

Heather offers group and personalized Yoga classes and retreats. Blending Hatha, Restorative, YIN, Vinyasa, Chair and Kundalini Yoga her classes are suitable for any level of practice.  A highlight are guided meditations incorporating sound therapy!

Want to request a personalized class or group session? Please email  for more information! 

Heather is a CYA-E-RYT 550 Hr Registered Insured Hatha Yoga Instructor, who was introduced to Yoga in 2003 as a method of maintaining health and managing injuries incurred through working in the welding trade.  
After a break from full time welding, and more time to immerse in yoga, she discovered her body released the tension, aches, and migraines she had experienced for years! With deeper practice, mental and emotional traumas also released offering greater clarity, peace, joy and vital energy! 
Heather certified as a Hatha Yoga Instructor in 2014, and was honoured to be the Assistant Instructor for the August 2014 Canadian Yoga Alliance CYA-YTT (yoga teacher training) in Blue Mountain, Ontario. In 2016 Heather studied Chair Yoga with Lakshmi Voelker. In 2017 Heather  completed 200 Hour Advanced Yoga Teacher training with JP Tamblyn-Sabo (Ahimsa Yoga) and YIN certification with Abe Cartland and Diana Buxban (Rama Lotus Yoga).  
Most recently she embarked on a pilgramage to Rishikesh India where she earned 200 Hour Kundalini Yoga Teacher Certification with teachers Jivasu for meditation (Naturality Path), Parveen Nair (Iyengar Yoga), Mohan Pawar (Kundalini Yoga), Bhuwan Chandra (Mantra/Sound Therapy) and Dr. Usha Vaishnava (Ayurveda) through (Nada Yoga School). Heather is profoundly grateful to all her teachers and thrilled to bring this new learning to her students!
Yoga was developed in India thousands of years ago though was practiced very differently than what has evolved in the west! Hatha Yoga focuses on uniting prana (breath) and asana (posture) using active and dynamic movement, restful and static postures, and integrating various breathing modalities (pranayama).  Further, yoga is the science of spiritual, mental and self transformation.  It is an ancient discipline that seeks union with the Divine.  The root verb 'yuj" means to "yoke", "join" or "unite"; in other words, union between individual consciousness and universal consciousness.

Suitable for all ages, genders and levels of fitness, a yogic practice can be fitness and/or meditation  oriented.  A balance is ideal!  No matter which focus, energy cultivation and balancing is a central theme in Heather's classes. 

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