Heather began her professional journey as a Red Seal Welder for 15 years,  8 of which she owned and operated Irondell Metal Works, a welding and fabrication shop.  Creativity flourished during this period as numerous sculptures, art pieces, railings and more found homes across Ontario and globally! She also taught welding for Loyalist College and Sir Sandford Fleming Colleges.

A background in Welding and Mining Engineering including the sciences of metallurgy and geology encouraged scientific inquiry to balance the wildly creative and esoteric side of Heather's current practices! This same sense of curiosity informs Heather's approach to yoga.

Heather moved her career into Social Services and conceived the idea of a wellness hub to offer chair yoga and hatha yoga to older adults and seniors with limited mobility.  The grant funded "Active Bodies Active Lives" program served 500 clients in 11 locations within 7 different communities! 

As a musician, in 2010 Heather released an EP folk/rock/blues Album "Don't Touch That Dial..." with her friends and band Mirabilia. Her solo album "Pristine Prisms" in the singer/songwriter tradition was released in 2015. She is honored to have worked with Juno Award Winner Howard Baer and local musician and sound engineer Steve Bereza on this album! 


"I believe we are all beautiful spirit beings on a human journey! We hold vibration within us of all positive and negative experiences in this life and others. Through practicing yoga, self healing, mantra, chanting, meditation, care for the dietary and emotional needs of the body and mind, enjoying the company of friends and family (including our animal friends!) and ensuring ample time in nature we are able to release energies and emotions which no longer serve us. Releasing these increases our energetic vibration and frequency bringing greater peace, well being and resilience to our own daily lives, as well as the lives of those who surround us!"

Be open, curious, courageous, adaptable, fearless, fierce, loving, kind and compassionate and all layers of consciousness will unfold for you!

With gratitude for sharing the Journey... Heather:)

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